Forgame Releases Recent Business Updates

Publish Date:2014-10-16 source:Forgame

(Guangzhou China – October, 2014) – Forgame Holdings Limited (HKEx: 00484) (“Forgame”), a leading cloud-based game developer and operator headquartered in China, today released its recent business updates as of September 30, 2014.
Launch of “Wind of Contrail”(风色轨迹)
In September 2014, Forgame launched its self-developed turn-based RPG webgame “Wind of Contrail” on various webgame platforms including 91wan, 4399, swjoy (webgame platform owned by Hangzhou Shunwang Technology Co., Ltd., SZ.300113), game2 (webgame platform owned by Gamewave Group Ltd.). Different from the Group's existing webgames with Chinese elements, "Wind of Contrail" is in Japanese anime theme. We believe that the game will not only attract Chinese players, but also overseas players. The game has received favorable feedbacks during testing phase, and was rated with an overall 8.5 (out of 10) score by industry reviews on It was said in the report that “the creative characters exchange between angels and devils impressed us a lot, and we believe it's not difficult for the game to earn market acceptance.”
Operational status of “Charmed Swordsman” (醉武侠)
“Charmed Swordsman” has scored notable successes since its launch in August. It has been operated on more than 1,700 servers on 110 various platforms as of late September, and the monthly gross billings are very positive.
Monetization test of “The Soldiers” (将世录)
In September 2014, Forgame started monetization test for its self-developed action fighting webgame in Three Kingdoms theme “The Soldiers” on 91wan platform. “Defense” function and keyboard operation function were added into the game which helps improve players' visual fighting experience. The game display was designed as side-scrolling and vertical scrolling running and this innovative design will hopefully improve players' gaming experience.
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