Forgame Releases Recent Business Updates

Publish Date:2015-02-18 source:Forgame

Forgame Releases Recent Business Updates
(Guangzhou China – February 2015) – Forgame Holdings Limited (HKEx: 00484) (“Forgame” or the “Company”), a leading cloud-based game developer and operator headquartered in China, today released its recent business updates as of January 31, 2015.
Launch of the latest “Boonie Bears: Ridge Xiong Feng Bears of Snow (熊出没之雪岭熊风)
After the successful launch and reception of our first two boonie bears casual game series “Boonie Bears: Forest Defense” and “Boonie Bears: Homeland Defense”, the Forgame-developed car racing mobile game “Boonie Bears: Ridge Xiong Feng Bears of Snow” (exclusively licensed by the movie of the same name) was synchronously launched with the movie at the end of January. The release of the movie has received an overwhelming response and achieved box office success. Popular artist Gary Chaw (one of the lead protagonist in the widely successful Chinese TV show “Where are we going, dad?”) sang the theme song for the movie together with his children. They also attended the film’s premiere press conference and experienced a trial play of the game, which sparked an electric atmosphere.
Game Screenshots            Box office at the theatre
Launch of “Wu Di Huan Ling”(无敌唤灵) on iOS and major Android platforms
In January 2015, an exclusively licensed mobile game published by Forgame, “Wu Di Huan Ling”, was officially launched on major mobile platforms. The game was ranked No.1 amongst the Top Paid Apps and No.3 amongst the Best Free Game of Apple’s App Store after its debut. The successful launch of Wu Di Huan Ling proved Forgame’s capability in mobile game publishing and this experience provided solid foundation for Forgame's future mobile game publishing capability.
Launch of “Link Me” (连连看)
Being widely popular in Apple’s App Store and ranked No.1 in the top download list, the Android version of the classic match-three game “Link Me” was launched in January. Having the android version exclusively licensed to Forgame, the game offers a sliding- screen design which is easy to play, and provides added excitement in terms of different game modes such as classic, racing and mushroom for players to choose from. Players can also enjoy the classic mode with over 500 levels and the continuing challenges that appear in the mushroom mode.
Launch of “Sword Beauty” (仙剑美人) on Tencent’s Platform
In another major innovation in January, Forgame has launched the webgame APRG “Sword Beauty”, which is custom-made for Tencent’s platform. Set in the world of eastern martial arts, interesting modern scripts are widely seen in the game. To cater for the Western Valentine’s Day, friends-making settings were introduced to provide players with a different experience.
In January 2015, Forgame obtained the exclusive adaptation rights in relation to mobile gaming for the classic Chinese online novel “Ghost blows out the light”. The online novel series (written by Tian Xia Ba Chang) relates to the treasure hunting adventure of several grave robbers, including Hu Bayi, Pangzi and Shirley Yang from one of the top four grave robbing sects. Compared to other online literatures, the series created a brand new genre of tomb robbing fictions. Created based on the Chinese traditional culture such as I Ching, the storyline was full of mystery and innovation. The series was ranked as the top online novel and bestselling book since it was launched. The game will be developed by Ling Long studio from Guangzhou Feiyin (a member of the Forgame group), and is currently expected to be launched in the second half of 2015.

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