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Publish Date:2015-07-03 source:Forgame

(Guangzhou China – June 2015) – Forgame Holdings Limited (HKEx: 00484) (“Forgame” or the “Company”), a leading cloud-based game developer and operator headquartered in China, has today released its most recent business updates as of May 31, 2015.
On April 8, 2015, Forgame announced its collaboration with Xiamen Meitu Technology Co.,Ltd (“Meitu”) in Beijing to launch “Meitu Game Box” (a mobile game app store). Meitu Game Box is pre-installed in all Meitu mobile phones and is primarily targeted at female users. Its design incorporates the “most appealing”, “lightest” and “most exquisite” concepts, aiming to tap onto the 980 million users of Meitu to expand the female casual game market. “Meitu Game Box” plans to offer over 200 self-developed and licensed mobile games at its inception, including a female fashion dress-up game customised for users of Meitu.

(From left to right: Mr. Wu Xinhong, founder & CEO of Meitu; Mr. Wang Dongfeng, Chairman & CEO of Forgame)
The Global Mobile Game Congress 2015 (“GMGC”) organised by the Global Mobile Game Confederation, China’s most influential mobile game conference, was held on April 23 – 25, 2015 at the China National Convention Center. In the conference, Forgame participated in the capacity of exhibitor for the first time and discussed with other fellow members of the gaming industry on the themes of "Adaptation, Integration, Connection and Future". The Company also debuted four mobile games during the event, including “Boonie Bears: Homeland Defense Beach Edition (熊出没之保卫家园海滩版)” adapted from the “Boonie Bears (熊出沒)” series, a casual cultivation matching game “ZOO PARTY (tentative name)”, a fashion dress-up game and “Ghost Blows Out the Light (鬼吹灯)” (a game with its name adapted from a popular online fiction), aiming to give players a more vivid gaming experience.

Launch of the two latest “Boonie Bears (熊出没)” mobile game series - “Bonnie bears: Anipop (熊出没之开心消消熊)”and “Bonnie bears: Pop Star (熊出没之消灭星星)
Due to the successful and favourable market reception of the previous “Boonie Bears(熊出没)” series, 2 new “Boonie Bears (熊出没)” match-three mobile games (namely “Bonnie bears: Anipop (熊出没之开心消消熊)” and “Bonnie Bears: Pop Star (熊出没之消灭星星)”) were developed and recently launched by Forgame on various major Android platforms. The 2 games imitate certain aspects of the original animation including the character’s personal traits, dialogues and actions. In particular, “Bonnie Bears: Pop Star (熊出没之消灭星星)” also incorporates the original voices of the animation which allow players to experience the originality of the dialogues whilst playing the game.


Launch of casual mobile game adapted from the classic Ultraman series
The mobile running game “Ultraman Running (奔跑吧奥特超人)” adapted from the classic Ultraman series was developed and launched by Forgame on various major Android platforms including MyApp (应用宝). The game adopts the upright 3D running model, in which players can play as Taro (泰罗), Ace (艾斯) or Seven (赛文) to patrol the city and eliminate monsters along the way. Players may choose between the adventure gaming mode and the non-stop running mode to test their limits. The game was rated 7.9/10 on right after its launch and generated satisfactory monthly gross billings.
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