2012 Baidu Game Billboard Released, 91wan Continues to Hold the Position of Top10 Game Operating Platforms

Publish Date:2012-07-31 source:Forgame

91wan continues to hold the position of the Top10 Game Operating Platforms by 2012 Baidu Game Billboard

The 2012 Baidu Game Billboard was held in Shanghai, where 91wan was once again awarded by Baidu Billboard for the Top 10 Game Operating Platforms. As one of the prestigious game platforms in webgame industry, 91wan has been focused on the unique business philosophy of publishing superior products and continued to hold the post of Top 10 Game Operating Platforms owning to its recognition from the industry and increasing players.

Founded in 2007, 91wan webgame platform is currently one of the most professional domestic webgame platforms. Since its establishment, by virtue of its advanced technology, creative spirit, elite team and quality service, 91wan has been trusted and supported by multiple players. The award hosted by Baidu Billboard's Top 10 Game Operating Platforms proof high quality of 91wan's games, operations and services.
Players' support also contributes to 91wan's award. On 26 July 2012, 2012 Baidu Game Billboard was released by Baidu where Chinajoy witnessed its grand opening. As an authoritative billboard in the industry, relying upon its authentic and objective reflection on the latest developments and trends in game industry, Baidu Game Billboard has attracted much attention from different parties in the game industry. While demonstrating the professionalism of the platform, 91wan's award is also attributed to the support by players.
The webgame industry is surging amid the tremendous structure of Chinese game industry. Being consecutively selected as Baidu Game Billboard Top 10 Game Operating Platforms, 91wan reveals its stable position in the industry. Looking ahead with the motto, "the greater capabilities, the more responsibilities", facing various challenges and players' increasingly demands of games, 91wan shall continue to insist on the idea of making quality games, guaranteeing sound operation and providing considerable services, and deliver more superior games and services for players. 91wan seeks to grow together with players and other partners, aiming to present better performance to players and the industry.

About 91wan
Currently 91wan has been operating dozens of the most popular and unique webgames, including The Hundred Trials, Fantasy Immortal II: Ascension, Soul Guardian II, and Heroes Online. 91wan shares the passion of colorful games and collaborative enjoyment. 91wan is dedicated to building a world of easy games and joyful lives.