91wan Turns Out to Be the Big Winner at the 2011 Baidu Game Billboard

Publish Date:2011-07-31 source:Forgame

91wan was awarded "Baidu Billboard Top 10 Game Operating Platforms" hosted by the 2011 Baidu Game Billboard of the Year. As a dark horse in webgame industry, 91wan was persistent in its unique business philosophy of publishing superior products, and has become a renowned game platform in webpage game industry. The award indicated the players' confidence in this platform.

Founded in 2007, as the most professional domestic webgame platform, 91wan (full name "91wan webgame platform") has ever since been operating dozens of popular webgames. The award as Baidu Billboard Top 10 Game Operating Platforms not only demonstrates affirmation by players and industry delegates for the efforts made by 91wan, but also serves as confirmation of the outstanding quality of 91wan's games, operations and services.

On 28 July 2011, 2011 Baidu Game Billboard of the Year was published by Baidu during "Chinajoy Game Exhibition", an annual conference of China's game industry. As the world's largest Chinese search engine, the data collected by Baidu Billboard is thoroughly professional and based on authenticity. The overall evaluation process is due to its extraordinary transparency, authenticity, fairness, justness and openness. Only remarkable products, which are well received by players, would be nominated. 91wan attributed its award to players' contribution.
Given the astounding structure of Chinese game industry, the award unquestionably justifies 91wan's continual progress. Faced with various challenges and players' increasingly demands of new games, 91wan, is not satisfied with current achievements and will certainly continue to strive on the idea of making quality games, guaranteeing sound operation and providing considerate services. In order to deliver superior games and services, 91wan seeks to grow together with its players and partners, aiming to improve its performance to players and the industry.
Currently 91wan has been operating dozens of the most popular webgames, including t Ming Dynasty, Tale of the Dragon Tomb, Soul Guardian I, Generals Saga, Legend of Chaos, The Ninth Heaven and The Archmages. 91wan shares the passion of colorful games and collaborative enjoyment. 91wan is dedicated to building a world of easy games and joyful lives.